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Utility Subroutines

  1. Memory Manager (mmgetblk,mmrelblk,mmrelprt,mmincblk, mmfindbk,mmgettyp,mmgetlen, mmgetnam,mmprint, mmverify,mmggetbk)
  2. Mesh Objects (cmo_create, cmo_get_info, cmo_set_info, cmo_get_name, cmo_set_name, cmo_get_attribute_name, cmo_newlen, cmo_get_intinfo, cmo_release, cmo_get_attinfo, cmo_get_length, cmo_set_attinfo, cmo_get_attparam)
  3. Point Selection (getptyp, unpackpc, unpacktp)
  4. Character Length   (icharln, icharlnf, icharlnb, nulltoblank_lg)
  5. Retrieving Point Sets and Element Sets  (eltlimc, pntlimc, pntlimn)
  6. Array Compression (kmprsm, kmprsn, kmprsnr, kmprsnrrr, kmprsp, kmprspr, kmprsz, kmprszr)
  7. Array Sorting (hpsort, hpsort1, hpsorti, hpsortim, hpsortimp, hpsortip, hpsortrmp)
  8. Miscellaneous (setsize,set_user_bounds,inside,volume_element, user_interpolate)
  9. Geometry Information (geom_lg.h, get_material_number)

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