creates a quad mesh from an elevation file using syntax similar to avs type .fld header file. Note the input file is assumed to contain elevation values and are read as Z(i,j) into the cmo attribute "zic". For node attribute values of f(i,j), use addatt and copyatt as shown in the examples below.

read/sheetij/ file_name /nx,ny/minx,miny/dx,dy [options]
read/sheetij/ file_name /nx,ny/minx,miny/dx,dy/ skip n / [options]
read/sheetij/ file_name /nx,ny/minx,miny/dx,dy/istart,jstart,istop,jstop/[options]
read/sheetij/ file_name/-header-/[options]

nx columns in x direction
ny rows in y direction
min, miny location of lower left corner
xinc, yinc cell size in x and y direction
-header- keyword meaning read nx, ny,miny,xinc,yinc,from file
skip n skip n number of header lines
istart,istop,jstart,jstop gives indices of ij subset  
options are:
ascii or binary file-type (default-ascii)
center assume elevation at cell center (default = lower left corner)
connect or points connect causes quad grid to be formed and is default.
points keeps data as points only.
float or double size of data (default = float)
xflip or yflip reflect along x or y axis (default = no reflection) 
 for data file with header - test_hdr.dat:          showing nx, ny, min x, min y, dx, dy
         #  5    
         #  4    
         #         0.0000000  
         #         0.0000000  
         #         5.000000   
         #         5.000000   

       to read elevations using information in the file header
       cmo create cmohdr
       read sheetij test_hdr.dat / -header- / ascii

       to subset read ascii file with header and subset from i=2,5 and j=3,4
         read sheetij test_hdr.dat / -header- / 2,5, 3,4 / ascii

       for binary files with no headers where nx=5, ny=4, minx=miny=0., xinc=yinc=5.
         read sheetij test.bin /5,4 /0.0,0.0 / 5.0,5.0 / binary

       to flip along the x-axis
         read sheetij test.bin /5,4 /0.0,0.0 / 5.0,5.0 / xflip, binary

       read temperature values from file instead of elevation
        cmo create cmot
        read sheetij temp.dat / 150,183 /1602850.,1727950. / &
        500.0,500.0 / skip 6
        cmo / addatt / cmot / tempval / VDOUBLE / scalar / nnodes
        cmo / copyatt / cmot / cmot / tempval / zic
        cmo / setatt / cmot / zic / 0.


Test file for sheetij: LaGriT_input00
Test data for sheetij: test_data
Quad sheet
* read ascii elevations into quad sheet
cmo create cmo1
read sheetij test_data /5,4 /0.0,0.0 &
/ 5.0,5.0 / ascii
Quad sheet with xflip
* read ascii elevations and flip x
cmo create cmo1
read sheetij test_data /5,4 /0.0,0.0 &
/ 5.0,5.0 / xflip, ascii
Quad sheet with xy flip
* read ascii elevations and flip xy
cmo create cmo1
read sheetij test_data /5,4 /0.0,0.0 &
/ 5.0,5.0 / xflip, yflip, ascii

Test file for binary sheetij: lagrit_input01
Binary test file not included.
Quad sheet from binary file
* read binary elevations
cmo create cmo1
read sheetij qbog50_l.float /31,21 &
/ 0.0, 0.0 / 50.0,50.0 / binary / float
Quad sheet from binary file
* read binary elevations and subset along ij
cmo create cmo1a
read sheetij qbog50_l.float /31,21/ 0. 0./ 50.0,50.0 &
/10,25 1,10/ binary / float
* combine grids for viewing
addmesh merge cmov cmo1 cmo1a
dump gmv view_binsurf_subset.gmv cmov