Builds a brick mesh and generates a nearest neighbor connectivity matrix. This command is similar to the rz command format except here we have symmetry flags to input. A second format specifies that a mesh be created and connected.
xyz specifies Cartesian coordinates.
rtz specifies cylindrical coordinates.
rtp specifies spherical coordinates.
ni,nj,nk number of points to be created in each direction.
xmin,ymin,zmin minimums for coordinates.
xmax,ymax,zmax maximums for coordinates.
iiz,ijz,ikz  if =0 then mins and maxs are used as cell centers if =1 then mins and maxs are used as cell vertices iirat,ijrat,ikrat ratio zoning switches (0=off,1=on)
xrz,yrz,zrz ratio zoning value - distance is multiplied by the value for each subsequent point.
name name of pset containing starting point number
isym,jsym,ksym symmetry flags - not documented
Warning:  This command does not create a 2D grid, it has mem errors.  rzbrick/xyz/5,10,1/0. 0. 0./10. 20. 0. /1,1,1
for 2D this will work:
  cmo create cmo1///quad
  quadxy 5 5/ 0. 0. 0. / 20. 0. 0./20. 20. 0. / 0. 20. 0.
  dump gmv quad5x5.gmv
FORMAT: rzbrick/xyz|rtz|rtp/ni,nj,nk/xmin,ymin,zmin/xmax,ymax,zmax/
Use this option with quadxyz to connect logically rectangular grids.
EXAMPLE: rzbrick/xyz/3,2,3/0.,0.,0./1.,1.,1./1,1,1
creates a hex grid 2x1x2 cells in the unit cube
creates a hex grid inside the hexahedral specified by the 8 corners passed to quadxyz