Prints an edit of various quantities based on the value of the option argument, the point limits, and/or a material specification. iopt specifies what to print as follows:
no value for iopt --edit of sums, averages, and extrema of position coordinates (x,y,z), and of mesh object attribute fields
two--gives same information as the default, but only for the two points specified.
parts--gives a list of materials types, their names, count and sequence.
points--lists up to 4 cell-center array values for a set of points. Possible array values are: xic,yic,zic,or mesh object attribute name
edit / iopt / ifirst,ilast,istride / material_#_or_name/
edit/ angular/ifirst,ilast,istride /material_#_or_name/xcen,edit/ radial /ifirst,ilast,istride /material_#_or_name/xcen,edit/ points /ifirst,ilast,istride /material_#_or_name/array1,array3,array4/
edit/ parts/